Monthly Archives: January 2017

When I first thought of Cormyr, I was, yes, thinking of King Arthur. Not in specific detail—not Round Table or Excalibur or the Grail or any of that—but I wanted a place in the Realms where the “shining knights in armor” came from, and called home, and were the accepted heart and soul of. Not […]

The first city of the Realms I felt I just had to revisit, and therefore see more of than just some dangerous dark alleys and seedy rooms nigh the reek of dockside, was the great port of Waterdeep. The largest, busiest, most varied and tolerant crossroads city of the Sword Coast, and therefore large enough […]

Down the years, several editors and fellow Realms designers and fiction writers, not to mention fans, have pointed out to me that they can “feel there’s something special, something that matters,” but that hasn’t been explicitly spelled out in print anywhere, about the characters of Mirt and Durnan, and their relationship. So let me shine […]

The Seven Sisters had first glimmered into life in the late spring or early summer of 1966, in a remembered-dream-vision (or vivid daydream scene) I wrote down, of a silver-haired woman harping alone at a fireside by night, in snow-shrouded forest wilds somewhere, with wolves watching from the darkness of the trees—and her harping draws […]