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Lords Valiant And Dastardly: A Backcountry Minor Noble House Of Cormyr Here are some notes to myself from September of 1969: “Detail a small and simple family; their holdings, their interests, why they might hire adventures, how they might come into conflict with adventurers, their main feuds, who their allies are at court, how they’re […]

The theme of our annual “Candlekeep” GenCon get-together this year is Women Of the Realms, the talented writers, editors, and designers who have contributed so much to the setting and happen to be female, but that’s not what I’m burbling about right here and now. Rather, I’m talking about females in the Realms—the roles and […]

One of the great “untold tales” of the Realms is the mainly hidden, largely confused (one of my players teasingly referred to it as an “ongoing debacle”) matter of my trying to accommodate (same player’s term: “shoehorn”) all of the various sentient races in the D&D® game into the Realms, without having them, logically, dominating […]

On one of the western edges of the continent of Faerûn in the Forgotten Realms® (more specifically, a roughly rectangular swath of land lying along the southern shore of the Lake of Steam and occupying the northernmost eastern shores of the Shining Sea) is a hilly, well-watered, largely forested region known as the Border Kingdoms. […]

In the long-running “home” Realms campaign, the Knights of Myth Drannor PC adventuring band took their name (replacing the name they chose at their founding, the Swords of Eveningstar; though the original characters hailed from Espar, they first achieved success as treasure-seeking, freely-venue-choosing adventurers in the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, and celebrated that by dubbing […]