About TEGG

tegg-shield-whtThe Ed Greenwood Group, Inc., is a vast transmedia publisher, with hundreds of Creatives playing in Ed Greenwood's more than 30 settings. 

Through the Dungeon Masters Guild, we'll be releasing some RPGAs written by or curated by Mr. Greenwood. We're planning on four per year, with one spot reserved for Patrons. If you've ever wanted to write an adventure with the Archmage, this is the place for you. Keep an eye out for calls for submissions on this site, and by signing up to our eNewsletter!


pia-logo-color-small-01-300x300Check out the latest sword and sorcery, high fantasy setting from Ed Greenwood: Stormtalons!

hellmawdefaultlogoTry something completely different with a new dark urban fantasy setting, Hellmaw!  YOU are the food!