Announcing the Champion of Ormpur!


As mentioned in Episode 3 of This Week @ TEGG, Ed Greenwood has picked the winning adventure module!

Congratulations, Mr. Clinton Cronk, for this year’s annual Realms@TEGG contest! 

This contest featured the city-state of Ormpur, but where will we go next?

This is a special event where The Archmage works directly with a fan of the Realms to see their adventure idea through the development process into publication.  The winning adventure will be published by The Ed Greenwood Group on Wizards of the Coast’s “One Bookshelf” platform.

Want to know more about the Realms@TEGG and where the Archmage will be visiting for the next contest? Fill out the information below to be kept up on the latest!

And the chance to submit your Realms adventure for collaboration with the Archmage who began it all!

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