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One of the great “untold tales” of the Realms is the mainly hidden, largely confused (one of my players teasingly referred to it as an “ongoing debacle”) matter of my trying to accommodate (same player’s term: “shoehorn”) all of the various sentient races in the D&D® game into the Realms, without having them, logically, dominating […]

On one of the western edges of the continent of Faerûn in the Forgotten Realms® (more specifically, a roughly rectangular swath of land lying along the southern shore of the Lake of Steam and occupying the northernmost eastern shores of the Shining Sea) is a hilly, well-watered, largely forested region known as the Border Kingdoms. […]

In the long-running “home” Realms campaign, the Knights of Myth Drannor PC adventuring band took their name (replacing the name they chose at their founding, the Swords of Eveningstar; though the original characters hailed from Espar, they first achieved success as treasure-seeking, freely-venue-choosing adventurers in the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, and celebrated that by dubbing […]

Back in the early days of roleplaying games, the once-prominent company named Judges Guild put out at least one book of mapped imaginary islands for Dungeon Masters® to use. Although I never made use of it, because drawing maps is just plain fun for me, I readily saw that one could take various published adventures […]

One of the things that fascinates humans is power, another is evil, and a third is mystery or secrecy—and strong villains who like to largely remain in the background and work from those shadows combine all three. The Realms has many lurking villains, but of course the best of them are those who manage to […]

It’s no secret to any of my players, nor to most of my readers, that I love intrigue. Of two sorts: the scheming and manipulation that happens in front of our eyes, in the here and now (and encourages delicious speculation as to what will happen in the future—of the sort currently indulged in by, […]

If Cormyr is a distant echo of King Arthur, then the Dales are the Realm’s evocation of Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest. A vast, deep, wild wood roamed by monsters and only gingerly intruded upon by woodcutters thanks to the elves whose traditional home this was, and who don’t take kindly to fires and large-scale clearances […]

When I first thought of Cormyr, I was, yes, thinking of King Arthur. Not in specific detail—not Round Table or Excalibur or the Grail or any of that—but I wanted a place in the Realms where the “shining knights in armor” came from, and called home, and were the accepted heart and soul of. Not […]

The first city of the Realms I felt I just had to revisit, and therefore see more of than just some dangerous dark alleys and seedy rooms nigh the reek of dockside, was the great port of Waterdeep. The largest, busiest, most varied and tolerant crossroads city of the Sword Coast, and therefore large enough […]