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In this first tale since the Sundering!  Included some gaming goodness like Mirt character stats, artifacts and a new spell(!). Check out the fun over at the Dungeon Masters Guild!  

It’s true!  Even Mirt sometimes likes to get pretty! This week, we enthusiastically announced the release of our first tale on Dungeon Masters Guild – Woo! And Wizards of the Coast saw it and also got excited, and asked us to even augment the content! We loved the vision, and so we took down the […]

The First Tale of Mirt In the Time After The Sundering |  [circa 1492 DR, after the events of DEATH MASKS] Mirt the Moneylender was the very first named Realms character, over 50 years ago. In this new tale of Mirt, the creator of the Forgotten Realms recounts what befell Waterdeep’s oldest living Lord in […]