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Mirt is Back!

author image by marie | Releases | 0 Comments | 06 Dec 2016

In this first tale since the Sundering!  Included some gaming goodness like Mirt character stats, artifacts and a new spell(!). Check out the fun over at the Dungeon Masters Guild!  

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Mirt Is Getting a Makeover!

author image by marie | Releases | 0 Comments | 03 Dec 2016

It’s true!  Even Mirt sometimes likes to get pretty! This week, we enthusiastically announced the release of our first tale on Dungeon Masters Guild – Woo! And Wizards of the Coast saw it and also got excited, and asked us…

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A Tale of Mirt: All Things Through the Bright Flames

author image by marie | Releases | 0 Comments | 30 Nov 2016

The First Tale of Mirt In the Time After The Sundering |  [circa 1492 DR, after the events of DEATH MASKS] Mirt the Moneylender was the very first named Realms character, over 50 years ago. In this new tale of…

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