Contest – Your Realms Tale

      • The Realms @TEGG Patron Program offers dedicated Realms fans a unique opportunity to explore the setting, by helping in its development!
      • Each year, the Archmage will visit a new part of the Realms – both in the form of a new Mirt tale and a brand-new roleplaying adventure – which will be available on OneBookShelf. As well, TEGG will run the Patron Program contest in tandem with Mirt’s journeys, and this is your entry ticket.
      • After the contest opens each Spring, follow the guidelines helpfully provided by The Archmage, and submit your pitch for a Realms adventure before the deadline.
      • The lucky winner will be announced in early Summer, and they will develop their adventure under The Archmage’s guidance, for publication in the Fall.
      • To learn more, and to ensure you get all the updates about this exciting opportunity as they are made, you can subscribe to our e-newsletter. The sign-up form is available on the front page of this site! Or just scroll down the the bottom of the page!

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