Forgotten Realms: The Unofficial, Non-Canon, Unlicensed, Utterly Unapproved 50-Year History

50 years ago, a rather young Edward J. Greenwood, at the suggestion of his father, began writing his own stories. One of these was set in an amazing place called the forgotten realms. Eventually this setting grew and became the Forgotten Realms® we know today: A sprawling gigantic world where authors, games designers and fans of every stripe now come to play.

How did this happen? What were the creative decisions taken and not taken? How did things change over its 30+ year life as a published setting? Who was chosen to add what parts and how did thousands of creatives work together to create one world that is stunning with detail and richness?

With his amazing memory and a capacity for great detail, The Archmage Ed Greenwood shares the kitchen details and special hidden secrets about the creative creation of Forgotten Realms®. Come explore the creative history of how one of your favourite settings became what it is today… legendary.

We’ll publish one article a week.  Go to the first entry: Den of Dreams.

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