Realms Inquiries

Despite repeatedly informing people that Ed Greenwood cannot assist anyone with publishing their Forgotten Realms® novel, we still are receiving multiple requests for assistance in that matter. So, The Archmage has written a 100% foolproof guaranteed guide to get your Forgotten Realms® novel published, but you must follow it to the letter.


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For questions about publishing your works based on the Realms, alas, we cannot help you. Nor can we (Ed Greenwood included) read/review unsolicited submissions. Please do not copy/paste nor attempt to attach submissions of any type for Ed Greenwood to read.

All publishing queries need to be directed to Wizards of the Coast. Of course, if you sign up for the Realms newsletter here at TEGG, you will be informed when the opportunity to submit your original adventure based on these cities arises, along with the chance to work with the Archmage himself!

But outside of the TEGG-specific content, we have no control over what gets published where.

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