Pitch an RPGA for an exclusive chance to work with Mr. Greenwood on a Realms RPGA!

We received so many great Ormpur submissions that we’re drowning in them. Well done! Mr. Greenwood is currently reviewing them and you’ll be receiving news in the upcoming weeks. Keep an eye out on this space for future calls for submissions, and subscribe to our mailing list (to the right of the screen) so you never miss any exciting news!


Over the next ten years, Mr. Greenwood will explore a less mapped out region of the Realms. TEGG will release four RPGAs, including one from a patron. That could be you!

If your adventure is selected, you get:

  •  Work with Mr. Greenwood on your adventure.
  •  Three personal chats with Mr. Greenwood to riff your adventure (note that you’re responsible for drafting it and getting it to TEGG publications standard).
  • The Work will be published by The Ed Greenwood Group, Inc. (via WotC’s DMG / OBS program) and the Creative will get TEGG’s standard 30% royalty rate.
  •  You become a full-fledged member of TEGG’s Sessorium of Creatives (meaning you get to pitch for all of Mr. Greenwood’s new and upcoming settings!).
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Each year, we’ll explore a new area. This year, we’re exploring Ormpur!

Here at TEGG, we look at adventures set in the Realms to be small, short, self-contained “one to three play sessions” adventures that have some interesting encounters (not just killing one monster after another). Make your adventure simple, clearly told, and focusing on PLOT (or if you prefer, STORY).

When crafting these adventures, think: what is really interesting/exciting/different about this adventure? What will vividly “grab” the imaginations of gamers?

What will work for someone who neither knows nor cares about rules details, but wants to just “lose themselves” in the unfolding story?

Do NOT pitch adventures that kill rulers, start major wars, involve the gods,
bring back (or use in any way!) characters from the Realms novels, or make changes
to the pantheon or how magic works or that introduce or alter major “artifacts” (super-powerful magic items). If you have any idea for a “big”
adventure, write it as a series of small, short, self-contained adventures.
(If you don’t follow these guidelines, getting accepted is unlikely, I’m afraid.)
We are not looking at producing books of magic items, spells, character classes,
new rules or modifications to existing rules, or regional sourcebooks/guidebooks at this time.

ADVENTURES is the way to go!

Thank you for participating!

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